h5p iframe and seo


I noticed from Google Analytics that a page where H5P content was just added (iframe) the bounce rate of that page started to increase (+50%). 

I guess this happens because the user starts to use an iframe and Google Analytics thinks that the user went to another page?

For SEO, a "bounce rate" increase or decrease of "time spent on page"  can cause negative effects. At least I have some data that it can effect to SERP. Of course, you never know how search engines "measures" the quality in the end, and it does change.

Maybe this could be solution:

Is it possible to add Google Analytics event tracking to H5P content, for example, to "start a quiz" -button or "Finish" -button? 



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Interesting. We will look into this quite quickly. Are you embedding H5P content from an external site?

good point! It really may have been that the content came from a different server which is normally not the case. I tried now again and didn't see the similar increase in bounce rate.