adding audio to text or continuous text

I love the h5p ability to have text or image content appear as a button (where user can open or close it to view). It is possible to combine these two features (e.g., the ability to have text and an image together, and even better - is it possible to add audio to that text (that all would only show if user clicked on button)> One additional question - is is possible to change the button icon?

PS - love h5p!!! been working with captivate, and this is waaaay faster!   

adding audio to text or continuous text
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Sounds like a good idea! Hopefully a developer from the community will contribute the code needed to get this working. 

I really would like to have such function. It would be so so so good for language learner< especially with dialogs ))

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Hi Ivrika,

This is not part of the core teams road map. The good thing about H5P is that it is open source so you or anyone in the community can make the changes or add features.