drop and drag issue

I have created a drag and drop map. It will only let me drag the answer to the correct zone. It was created in Moodle. Also, could we have drop and drag option available to use on your website.

If you need me to upload a file, please tell me how I can get it out of Moodle.

Thank you


figured out how to get the download

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You should be able to create and upload Drag and Drop questions on h5p.org now.

Thank you for allowing me to create drop and drag. Do you have any reply for my issue with the feature in Moodle.

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Are you sure you've selected the Drop Zones under the 'Select drop zones' when editing the element?

Yes, I just checked them. I did upload the file, if you want to look at it.

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Ah, it seems you could only drag the options to their correct position. I've attached a fixed version.

Great, that works perfectly. Now we have others, so can you share how you fixed it. Thanks a bunch!

hi there, this has always been an issue for me and our customers using H5P. Using the Drag and Drop feature only allows you to drag into the correct answers... It is setup correctly. :) any news on this?

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This should be possible.
First, you place all of your dropzones into the task both correct and incorrect. Then, you edit the draggable and select which drop zones you want people to be able to drag them it into. When that is done you edit each dropzone(again) and select the draggable elements that should give a score if present inside the zone.

We know the editor experience is a bit confusing here and hope to improve it in a future version.

See attached H5P. Image 1 (left to right) goes into drop 1, image 2 to drop 2 etc. you can see it highlights the correct answer as you drag the image into that zone.

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I made a clone of your content here: https://h5p.org/node/253185
Is this what you intended?

Ahhhh! Okay thankyou. You're right that is confusing haha! That is exactly what I was wanting to achieve and would also explain a different bug I just logged (It wasnt a bug just an confusing user journey to accomplish the correct result!). Thanks for the fast reply.