Learnybox LMS & H5P

Hi everyone!

Has any f you ever integrated H5P into the LMS plateform Learnybox, please? 

Learny box https://learnybox.com/ is a LMS player like Kajabi, but it is much more popular here in France for selling online training.

Thanks for your help. 



if Learnybox supports LTI (elearning standard)

then you could integrate it with h5p.com

h5p.com should be released later this year

Hi Mohammed, 

Here below th reply from Learnybox:

"Bonjour Nathalie,

A ce jour nous n'avons pas LTI, et à ma connaissance ce n'est pas en projet.En revanche je reviens à votre code iframe, qui devrait fonctionner. L'explication viens certainement du fait que cet iframe donné correspond peut être à un cours H5P qui n'est pas public? donc il bloque à ce niveau là..."


Today, we don't have LTI and as far as I know it's not in the pipeline. However, I'm getting back to you about your Iframe code which should work. That's certainly because the given Iframe code to a non public H5P lesson/course/exercice. So, it blocks any integration. 


I don't remember a public or private use option in H5P settings... I hope I'm mistaken. Does it ring a bell your end???





since they don't support LTI

then your only option is to create H5P content on your own site through wordpress plugin or here in h5p.org

then embed the content inside learnybox

content created in h5p.org is always public, but you can control that if you create content in your wordpress site through h5p plugin

LTI as I understand is the language that makes an LMS (like learnybox) comunicate with h5p service so that it can collect information and statistics about h5p usage (like information about which students tried the activity and how much they scored), so when you embed content you lose all these information.

Bonjour Nathalie,

Je suis également utilisatrice de LearnyBox et je souhaiterais que l'on puisse échanger à ce sujet.

Bien cordialement,