Integration with LMS that supports LTI

Hi all,

I'm a very excited and happy teacher having found this amazing resource. I've been creating resources and embedding them into my class page and the students have been loving them. The one thing I am missing, however, is the ability to gather and view the analytics (time spent on task, completion rates, performance etc). Am I right in understanding that if H5P is integrated into my LMS via LTI then I'll have access to that?

I use an LMS called Schoolbox and it supports LTI integration. How can I go about bringing the power and flexibilty of H5P into my LMS?



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It does sound like LTI is what you want, either that or an LRS.
Are you creating your resources on or a separate WordPress or Drupal page? 

Currently, there are no easy plug and play modules to use LTI for embedding H5P content, it requires some technical knowledge and time to set up. 
However, we are working on a service that aims to seamlessly integrate H5P into most LMSes and much more. You can signup for updates over on

Do you have any updates on 

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The plan is to have it ready later this year.

What are the big steps in getting data out of an embedded H5P learning object and into an LMS gradebook? We use D2L and might be okay with the legwork in getting the integration set up. Can you point me to a resource where someone has outlined how to do something like an LTI integration between H5P and D2L? I understand that H5P is launching a solution for this soon, but I'd love to get started sooner and avoid added costs to our university if possible. Thanks!

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It should not be too difficult to achieve. I haven't tried this my self but I would have a look at the wp-h5p-xapi plugin for WordPress and how they handle it. The process should be more or less the same regardless of the platform.

Any word on LTI support? I don't see anything more recent than 2017. Abandoned or still in progress or..?

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Hi MrWangler, aims to solve this concern and currently it is in the closed beta. should definitely be open for all organizations during the summer, but probably not for individuals and smaller teams until the autumn.


Good to hear! Is H5P free or paid or...? I couldn't find much information on it or the plans for that service. Thank you!

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Hi MrWangler,

It is great that you're interested in It is a paid service but I do not have information yet on the prices. This is mainly because the planned credit card payment feature haven't been implemented yet, and it isn't viable to handle payments manually for smaller teams whereas for organizations there will have to be different contracts and manual steps anyway.


Same question here

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Hi Elke,

Thank you for your interest in You may sign up for a trial here. In the same page you can also ask for a price quote.


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We are actively working on a standalone LTI 1.3 integration for H5P. I would love to get some input to help us guide that effort.


I'm a fan for H5P and would like to use it for a current project. The problem is, I'm told by our tech team that there is no LTI for it. Is this still the case? Bummer, if so. if there is no LTI, are there plans to develop one? Thanks, mm


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Hi Mike!

LTI is a premium feature of the platform, but it's not a feature of the H5P software.