Problem uploading images, "Image might be too large"


Getting this error across all content types. The images I'm trying to upload isn't even 350px wide.

This is the only error I am seeing in the browser inspector:


h5p.js?ver=1.10.1:861 SyntaxError: Unexpected token x in JSON at position 102

    at JSON.parse (<anonymous>)

    at HTMLIFrameElement.processResponse (h5peditor-file-uploader.js?ver=1.10.1:214)

    at HTMLIFrameElement.dispatch (jquery.js?ver=1.10.1:2)

    at HTMLIFrameElement.v.handle (jquery.js?ver=1.10.1:2)

H5P.error @ h5p.js?ver=1.10.1:861

Please help!

I'm using Chrome on my desktop. H5P Plugin for Wordpress 4.9 (latest version)

Thank you. 

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Hi Deeautiful,

Would you mind sharing the image that you are trying to upload to your site? Also can you please check what is the maximum allowable upload for your site.


The maximum upload for my site is 512M. I confirmed this with my hosting company last night.

I attached the image below.

Thank you for your response


Is there any way I can get the h5p to let me upload images? I have a tight deadline and I'm running out of time here. Thanks so much!

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Hi Deeautiful,

From the look of it, there is some sort of error on your server when uploading. Could you check your server error_log file?

Alternatively, you can try an check the network tab in your browser's console (Ctrl+Shift+J on Chrome). Click the Network tab and select the filter labeled 'Doc'. Next, try to upload the file again. A new request should appear, click it to see the actual response from the server. It should look similar to this:


If it does not, please include a screenshot.

If you're having trouble getting there you can use the contact button on my profile page and send me the login information for your site and I'll try to help you figure out what's wrong.