How to create H5P files from jpegs / mp4

I need help. How do I create H5P files from my still images??

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Hi sarahdels,

I'm not sure I understand your question. What exactly do you want to accomplish?


As a new user, I could not figure out how to use the interface. But I figured it out. Can I change the size of the interactive video or still image graphics to fill the webpage? Or is the size of H5P content (hotspots with images) only limited to a smaller view? I want to customize the size of the playback.


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Hi Sarah,

Yes you can by using use a PHP hook, to add your own CSS-file to the content type. Please visit the Visual Changes page for more details.


Please I'm working with moodle and I'm stuck at uploading a h5p file which is needed. Can you please assist in solving this challenge?

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Could you please help those that are supposed to help you by providing some more context information? Where exactly are you trying to upload what H5P file (with the H5P plugin for moodle or with H5P in moodle core)? It should be as easy as described at (H5P plugin) or still quite simple as described at (moodle core).


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Just to add to this when you say "I'm stuck at uploading" does this mean it just keeps loading or are you getting an error and if so checking the browser console for errors may also help isolate the issue.


Is it possible to convert an mp4 video to h5p?

If yes, How can I do it?
Thank you

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Hi Gaston,

In the true sense of the word "convert" you cannot convert an mp4 file into an h5p file. An H5P file is not a video file, instead it is similar to a zip file that has all the necessary codes to have a interactive content. 

However if you upload an mp4 into an Interactive Video an use the reuse feature, you will be downloading an H5P file that includes the mp4 file and other files needed for interactivity.