installing h5p plugin doesn't work


I downloaded MAMP from  for mac OS and setup moodle. but to install H5P plugin I am getting request cannot be handled, even though it is local host. Any idea why this is happening??

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Hi chandrashekhar Patil,

What is the version of Moodle? Do you have any PHP errors? Can you please provide a screenshot.



I am using 3.5 moodle version. when I try to install h5p plugin it validates it and on clicking continue button it give error page as request not handle. there is no php error/log I can see. 

Now I tried with moodle 3.3.. but still same problem. I attached screen-shot here.

PFA . if anything I need to change or missing, please let me know.

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Please follow the PHP troubleshooting guide and report which errors you find.