Hi, guys. I've just signed up for this nice component and I'd like to know if I can create question banks or questions pools with H5P. Also, I'm thinking about using it for a private question bank so I can input questions and test myself.


Thank you, guys.

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I'm afraid it is not possible to create private content on at the moment. You can create as much content as you want. If we're forced to add limits in the future for some reason you'll be given time to export your content, but for normal use I don't see this happening. It might be possible to make it private in the future.

I think you got it wrong. I'm creating my own question bank with Drupal. But I'm just installing Drupal. I wanna know if it's possible creating a question bank on my own website so I can pick question from the bank and create new quizzes or something like that.

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Oh, sorry about that. So you want for instance to use the same question in both a questionset and a coursepresentation? One of our customers does that with their custom content browser, but H5P does not support it out of the box. It is a feature that we will be adding.

Exactly! :) So I have to create separate quizzes for every topic? Maybe I could use a Drupal extension in order to do that? Thank you.

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I don't think there are any official plugins that are able to do this yet, so yeah, you'll either have to create separate questions for each context you're using them in or do some development work.