Missing title in “Summary Slide” with the “Single Choice set question”.


I was trying the Course Presentation and I have to say it's very very nice. Congratulations for your work!

I wanted to say that I've just found an inconsistency with the titles in the Summary Slide when I use the Single Choice set question.

You can see here what I mean with all this.

Thank you very much.


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Thank you for your detailed report!

Maybe a solution could be to make it possible to add a start screen to Single Choice Set, where the author could set the title of the quiz. The start screen would also have a Start button. The title would then be used in the CP's summary. Do you think that's a good solution?

Hello Fnoks, thank you for your quick answer.

The idea of a start page with the title seems good to me. The only objection I can see, if you allow me, is the other content types I know haven't got a start button, so it breaks a little bit the design line adding a previous screen before doing the exercise. It can be anyway a good solution !

Another idea is to embed the title just over the single choice set exercise, creating a box in the editing mode (like the image below), so that the title will appear directly above the questions when you do the exercise, harmonising the appearance with the other content types.

I don't know which is the easiest way for programming all this, so it's up to you. The way you do it, it will be surely ok! 

Thank you again!



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Your suggestion could definitively work.

I have added an issue for this in our backlog. I will let you know here when and how this is solved!

Thank you! 

Have a nice day.