Hi there, 

Firstly, thanks for being a very responsive team :)

I am wondering when H5P.com will go live? Will H5P.org continue to run? Will I need a paid membership to use H5P .com?

I've also requested access to the beta site, how long can I expect to wait before being granted access?

Thanks in advance!

- Brigette 

The H5P.com beta website also mentions tracking into the LMS, what would this mean if I am currently using the plug in in Moodle?

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Hi Brigette,

Firstly there no plans in the foreseable future to end the H5P.org service.

It is great that you're interested in H5P.com. The list you signed up for on H5P.com were indeed intended to be used to plan H5P.com, but the number of subscribers to that list got much bigger than the core team thought, and too many to be practical for the initial purpose so we've involved a selected number of organizations in the design and testing of H5P.com.


H5P.com is currently in closed beta, with more and more organizations from the list you've signed up to being invited to start using the beta. H5P.com should definitely be open for all organizations during the summer, but probably not for individuals and smaller teams until the autumn. This is mainly because the planned credit card payment feature haven't been implemented yet, and it isn't viable to handle payments manually for smaller teams whereas for organizations there will have to be different contracts and manual steps anyway.


Hopefully you'll get an invitation to start using H5P.com soon. The amount of new users invited every week depends on how smooth the experience for the users already invited have been.


Furthermore an LMS (Learning Management System) is a software/system that is specifically used as a teaching tool. Currently there are only 3 platforms that H5P supports (Moodle, Wordpress and Drupal) and not all of them functions as an LMS unless you download plugins into it. Having said this once H5P.com is released people that use different LMSs can now get the full functionality of H5Ps (i.e. scoring).

I hope I have answered all your questions :-)


Is there any further update on H5P.com?  I would like my College in Tasmania Australia to trial it out.

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Hi Dday,

Thank you for your interest in H5P.com. You can sign up for a free trial as well as ask for a quote here.


Thanks for the response, very helpful.

I would no longer need h5p service and had contacted your team to end the subscription a month ago. However my account was still deducted. Please help. 

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Hi deenaclare,

Have you tried sending an e-mail to [email protected]? If not please send them an e-mail.


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Very unhappy. I have sent two emails to sales, no answer. Apparently once you try the free trial period, there's no way out. You only offer the choice to be billed, not to cancel the account. This is not ethical, not a good way to attract customers. 

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Hi Arantza,

Someone from the Customer Success team has sent you an e-mail. Please let me know if you have not received it so that I can follow up with them.