How to re-import/replace content

I am using the WordPress plugin. What is the correct way to replace H5P content on production site with content that has been modified on development site. If I export ("download") the revised content, it will be imported to production with a new ID, so the sites no longer mirror each other.



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No, the content will still have the same ID if you upload an exported .h5p file from another site.

What I want to do is to make changes on a development computer to a copy of content that is already online, then export the modified version, and upload the modified version to replace the online content. I don't see any way to do that. Maybe I can replace the files via FTP?

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  1. Make your changes locally and save.
  2. Use the Download button below the content when viewing it after saving.
  3. Go to your online content and click Edit.
  4. Open the H5P Hub, but instead of selecting Create Content you select Upload.
  5. Select the file on your local computer and click the Use button that appears. 
  6. Once the content is uploaded you'll see the updated editor, then finally, click the Update button to save the content.