"Translate this page?"

Hi; When I embed an H5P Question Set on a particular website, it gives me the Google Translate prompt "Translate this page?"

This same question set doesn't do this on other websites, but no other kinds of media and interactivities I've posted on that website will generate the same prompt (and the site is not in Polish, it's English).

Any idea why this is happening?

Thanks for any help!

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Hi bparks,

I would assume that this does not happen if the the content is not embeded on the site. Would you mind sharing the site so that we can check.


I can't really share the site because it's a secure site requiring an ID and password...

And when I put that same interactivity on a public space, it doesn't have the problem.

Does the idea that the translation prompt is for Polish, in particular, suggest any problem?

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Hi bparks!

There's no code that uses Google Translate in H5P and it should not be possible to include scripts inside your content. In consequence, the origin of the problem seems to be your host system. I am not familiar with Google Translate as a service, but it should not be able to access the H5P iframe to scan for its contents. I'm a little puzzled what might be going on. Are there any Google Translate settings you could check?


Hi Oliver; it's a bit of a puzzle to me, too. I'll look into the various settings, and once I have identified the problem - and the solution :) - I'll post an update here. Tks!