Convert old Moodle quiz to H5P

Hi there,

I can't stress how much I love H5P for moodle! Regular Moodle quizes seem so last century now.

Which is exactly why I would greatly appreciate it if there was a straightforward way to convert old Moodle quizes to shiny new H5P questions sests. I'm guessing it wouldn't be that hard as all of our old quizes are CLOZE type, so the complete structure might be copied as regular text.

I hope you can point me in the right direction on how to convert CLOZE type text to H5P questions set.

Thanks in advance!

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Yes, this would be very useful. I guess it's only a matter of mapping the old data from the quiz/cloze tables to the JSON format described by the semantics.json file of the 'Fill in the blanks' content type.

I haven't heard of anyone doing this yet, but I'm guessing someone will sooner or later.

Do you happen to know if there's any updates on this, did anyone figure it out?

I'm looking forward to you reply!

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Hi nostro!

We have not heard of anyone creating that feature, but maybe someone in the community knows more about this.


Well, the Moodle quizbank is a jewel though...would love for that to possible in h5p, at least text-based modules for starters!