Course Presentation on mobile devices


We're having a few problems with the display of our content on mobile devices?

1. Content is not located in the same position as in the desktop version. Is there a workaround to make sure that both display the same (as it's a bit of an issue with more complex layouts (ie. placing a button under a piece of text which then moves when viewed on a mobile device).

2. After clicking on a button (with a pop-up) on a mobile device and returning to the slide the font of the slide has increased to the size of the text in the button and hence some of the content of the slide is no longer visible.

Any help with these issues would be greatly appreciated as we are aiming for our content to be viewable on desktop, laptop and mobile devices.



Just to note, the same issues are happening when I use both Safari and Chrome mobile browsers.

Hi, after a little more testing it seems that this only occurs when the device is held landscape. Unfortunately this is not reproducible when using chrome on a desktop in developer mode as if you were viewing the site through a mobile device.

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Could you please share some screenshots? It is generally advisable to make the boxes that holds content in Course Presentation a bit bigger than needed to account for different fonts, font sizes and more on different devices. The browsers needs to round up or down font sizes, positions etc, and sometimes also renders fonts differently so you might get linebreaks on some browsers and not others.

It might be that we add more techniques to course presentation in the future to avoid this, but I think to be completely sure that everything looks pretty much pixel perfect we would have to use canvas and that would be terrible for SEO and accessibility.


Look what happens when a course presentation, screen full screen

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Hi gilrossi,

I'm sorry, there are some limitations in using the full screen mode in mobile devices are in portrait mode.