H5P-Question Set - Application Time-Out

Hi All,

We are H5P with OPIGNO LMS (1.23)[Drupal 7].

At the application (LMS) level we have set idle time out as 60 mins. Content Creator has created "Question Set" with Approx. 100 MCQ and the time-limit for this has been set to 120 mins. 

While the end-user is accessing the H5P Content, after 60 mins. the end-user is logged out of the application.

During debugging the scenario our developers found that, H5P calls the server API only once all interactions are completed. Is there any way we can send request to server multiple time and not wait until all interactions are completed, so that LMS-application session remains active.

If any further inputs/details required, then feel free to post.

Your support/guidance is highly appreciated.

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In my mind, keeping the session active is not H5Ps job, but should be fixed on your platform using other mechanisms.

One way of achiving this is by sending a "heartbeat" from JavaScript at some interval, keeping the session active.

Another option is to increase the session timeout. 1 hour is a really short timeout. If the same timeout applies to the editor, it means an author will lose his work if he is using the editor without hitting the server for more than one hour.


Thanks for your response and appreciate your inputs!

Increasing the session timeout wouldn't be feasible for us. But liked your suggestion of sending "Heartbeat" through JavaScript. We shall try and update.