Embedding videos within Interactive Video

I'm working on a project where we are creating large, Interactive Videos based on a video-taped lecture. Within that larger Interactive Video, we would like to embed smaller demonstration videos at various points. The only way I've been able to figure out to embed videos is by adding a Multiple-Choice question into the IV and then adding a video to that question. My questions:

  1. Is there any other way of embedding videos within an Interactive Video that I'm missing? Or suggestions for linking to those demo videos without disrupting the flow of the parent Interactive Video?
  2. Would it be possible (or advisable) to allow Interactive Videos to be embedded within Interactive Videos? This would actually be ideal, as it would allow more advanced interactions for the smaller demo videos.

Thanks in advance for any help or advice.

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There is no way of embedding videos or interactive videos inside interactive video. I don't think interactive video as an option inside IV will be added, since this will allow recursion, which dramatically increases complexity and can be quite confusing.

I believe there can be some merit to allowing videos inside interactive video, since this already exist through MC, Blanks, etc. like you pointed out. You could raise an github issue for this in the interactive video repository or post the suggestion to the feature request forum where H5P users can evaluate whether this could be a good idea. Perhaps someone will pick it up and create a pull request for this. In the mean time there are links you can use inside IV to point to the given video where you want to display your demonstration content.

Hi Spazfox, 

We're working on the same issue. The best way we could solve it was by linking to the video via the 'link' function. I'm sure you'ev already tried this. 

It's not perfect but provided it's placed on your web page or on a private, branded Vimeo pro channel correctly, it looks OK. 


Another option is to re-edit the big video to include the smaller videos.

Here is another possible workaround. I made this for you: https://h5p.org/node/21142

  1. The video plays for 5 seconds then pauses. The popup encourages the user to go to slide 2.
  2. The user goes to slide 2 to watch the second video.
  3. Afterwards, the user goes back to slide 1 where the video will continue from the same place that it stopped. The user has to click play again.

If you are a developer, you could make it so that it automatically goes to slide 2 at 0:05. Then when the video on slide 2 is done, the interactions will make it go back to slide 1 automatically.

You could also have the video you want to jump to in the same timeline. You could add a hotspot to jump to the point in the timeline where you have the other video, then jump back to where you left off using another hotspot. Then at the end of the 'master' video, have a hotspot which pauses the video to prevent rolling into the auxiliary videos on the same timeline.  

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Hi alkanadi and Fred,

Thank you for the inputs.


I want to embed a map (or any other object) inside an interactive video made in h5p, is there a way to do it?

Saludos desde Colombia, FELIPE C.

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Hi Felipe,

If you intend to embed an image of a map there is already an option for this. If you are thinking of embedding say a Google Maps this is not possible not unless you make changes to the code.


Can I insert an <embed> in the interactive video? In this case the second video would be inside in Label

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Hi brunohcury,

For security and to help make H5P as simple as possible HTML codes are not allowed in any content type.


I am also facing the same issue that how can I add video within video or linked video (HyperVideos)