Importing large question sets


Is there a tool for importing a large H5P question sets?  For example if there are 50 questions in a question set, it could be handy to store the questions in a CSV file and import them to Drupal. So changes could be made using excel etc. 

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The closest thing so far is the textual editing for question sets:



I am not able to create questions set with the "textual" -option. 

1. Create new interactive content and select for content type: question set

2. Select "Textual" -tab and copy paste this to the text field:

What number is PI?

What is 4 * 0?

3. When saving the content, it throws: "Library used in content is not a valid library according to semantics" 

Also tried to select first multiple choice but does not help. 

Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong? I am able only to make the questions manually from the "default" tab.

Using h5p 1.8 Drupal 7 module 



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It works locally for me. Could you please navigate to admin/content/h5p on your Drupal site, and list the versions of the following libraries:

  • H5P Editor Question Set Textual Editor
  • Multichoice question 
  • Question set