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Hello, a couple of months ago i've submitted some translations to Brazilian Portuguese on GitHub, naming as "pt-br" files. Today I was searching for the translation on live versions, but couldn't find it. In moodle settings, the brazilian portuguese translation was marked as "pt_br". Should I submit requests to change the hyphen (-) for an underscore (_) on the names or maybe open an issue? Not pretty sure how moodle validate the translations. And one more question: Is there a prediction for the time needed for the translation to hit the live version after it is merged into master? The translation would help our teachers a lot to create content with this amazing tool.

From now and on thank you very much!


Made a test and the translation works just fine. Sorry to bother.

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Hi jnavroski,

Sorry for the delayed response. The core team normally takes care of translation related requests all at the same time. Anyway it's good to hear that it is working now and thank you for your contribution.


I learn many things from this topic and all of answers. Thanks all

I need a library