How to insert image in timline activity

Hello all,

I would like to create a time line activity in h5p and embed it into the Moodle course.
I am following below mentioned link:

In timeline activity each tab has a text content, Image, and hyperlinks. But I failed to add/insert images into the tab’s.

Can someone guide me how this can be achieved?

Refer link:




I had the same 'fun' as you, adding images! First off, all the images (apart from the thumbnail, which you can create and upload) need to be hosted online, so URLs only for the 'Asset'. BUT a lot of these don't work reliably or result in a very undesireable watermarked version from some plug-in or the other - the only ones that do work all the time are on WIkiMedia Commons - - like this one:

Just occasionally I have got 'regular' images to work straight from the URL  - at least one was from a Wordpress hosted site but I really don't know why. If someone could let me know I'd be grateful.

It would be much better to have an upload option on the template as well as the URL link - it's a great template otherwise. 



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Thank you for the input and you are correct we cannot upload images into Timeline instead we use a link to other sites. The Timeline content was created by Knightlabs and if I'm not mistaken they aare not updating the code anymore.