h5p plugin in moodle 3.4.2+


First sorry for my english is not terrific but i want try it for make progress in english so thanks for your help.
I'm run moodle 3.4.2+ on pc and wampserver so it a local installation before put on a real server.
Installation was ok and everything works great with h5p on a cours i see h5p plugin in activities board but the problem come when i want make a  question in a bank question to moodle so when i want make a new question i dont find the plugin h5p in  activities board ?
Is it normal ? or made i something wrong ?
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H5p isn't a question bank question type. You could probably embed an h5p in the question bank text area, but only as a resource, not as a question type. 

Say you embed an h5p time-line in a MCQ or T/F, then the choices could refer to information on the time-line.  But you can't add an h5p question set as a MCQ in the question bank. 

Hope that's clear!

Think it would be great to see this option available: to add the h5p questions to the question bank and even by starting in the question bank adding a new question......


Moodle 3.9.2+
PHP7.3, post_max_size:512Mb, upload_max_filesize:512Mb

Je voudrais uploader une vidéo de 135Mb dans l'activité H5P vidéo interactive mais je n'y arrive pas ?
Quand je prend une vidéo de 78 Mb pas de problème la vidéo se charge (dans l'activitée vidéo interactive).
Je ne comprends pas d'ou vient le problème puisque mon serveur admet des vidéos jusqu'a 512 M.

Merci pour votre aide.

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