How to use H5P with xAPI

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I´m testing Learning Record Stores (GrassBlade and Learning Locker) great stuff. How can I collect results from a H5P interaction. Is there a special url or what to do.

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You'll need an extra module for Drupal or a plugin for Wordpress. Currently such a plugin doesn't exists, but several people are interested in having such a module/plugin developed so hopefully someone will create it soon.
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I installes a GrassBlade LRS serverand have the xAPI plugin for Wordpress. Her I can upload Tincan content and alsp track usage og Vimeo and Youtube videos. Så now i just have to figure out hvw to get H5p to report to the GrassBlade server. Don´t waste time on this - I will ask GrassBlade support to give some hints. I will be back if I find a solution.

We are working on adding H5P compatibility to H5P. It will be available soon. 

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I guess you are trying to say H5P will be compatible with GrassBlade :) 

That is really good news. Thanks for sharing!

You caught me @fnoks.

H5P now works with the latest version of GrassBlade xAPI Companion. So, its now easy to get statements to the LRS from WordPress. 

A huge advantage here is that H5P can be added to LearnDash if used with GrassBlade xAPI Companion and GrassBlade LRS. So, that makes a complete LMS along with Content Authoring inbuilt.


One small step for h5p/Grassblade ...

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Maybe you could send me an e-mail with a test account so that we could consider adding info about this in our newsletter?

Ok. I understand there's great news here but I don't quite get it all I'm afraid. I am a freelance trainer and I am completely new to create an e-learning plateform. I have a Wordpress commercial website and so far I have installed H5P and S2 Member with a Login section to access H5P content. The legislation here in France is strict and any training organisations selling some e-learning must have a system to track its users progress and activity (login and logout times, overall results, errors made etc) . I haven't quite reached that objective yet with S2 Member. Are you saying that I should also install LearnDash, GrassBlade xAPI and GrassBlade LR altogether to reach meet French standards? Thanks for your help. 

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I haven't tested GrassBlade yet, but I believe that is the goal and it should at least get you a lot closer.

I'm examining H5P to improve our company's mobile learning production. I have done some tests on site and it seems quite impressive. Is it possible to export modules as xAPI packages from to test them in our company LMS? Or is there any other simple way  do this?

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I am not sure what you mean by "xAPI package", since xAPI is used for tracking user activities. Anyway, H5P may be used in different ways:

  • On a WordPress site using the H5P WordPress plugin.
  • On a Drupal site using the H5P Drupal module (like this site).
  • Embedding it from a WordPress or Drupal site using the embed code. You get the embed code by clicking on the embed link present on the bottom of each H5P.

It is also important to know that an H5P can be transferred from one site to another (e.g from a Drupal site to a WordPress site), just by downloading and uploading (there's a download link below each H5P)

What kind of LMS are you using?

Hi Nathalie,

By login/logout do you mean login/logout to the site, or start and end of the content? Start/End of course is stored. Login/Logout to WordPress can be tracked with a little  development. 

For the compliance do you only need the data to be stored, or do you need specific reports as well? There are reports on the LRS, but if you need more specific reports, it might need custom work. 

I believe most of what you need is there. Some of it, if missing, might need some work.