Not working in wordpress v5.0

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Ive just run a test wordpress upgrade on spare box here with an existing H5P plugin.

H5P content creation works just fine, but when trying to publish a page in wordpress using the shortcode the page will not save??

Anyone else have this issue??

I will up the debugging level on the server logs to try and get some more insight and report back...

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OK... most strange!

Nothing in the logs thats obvious, but if I save the page WITHOUT the shortcode first, then edit it and add the shortcode to a textblock it works fine...?

This is pretty much definitely a Gutenberg issue in wordpress and not an H5P issue

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Hi E_Dev42,

I am unable to reproduce the issue you mentoined above. But if you suspect that it is Gutenberg that is causing it you can try disabling the plugin to isolate the issue.