H5P for Magento

Can this be used on Magento, i could not find any plugin for that.

Or can this be used in plan HTML5 sites. Directions are appriciated.



I realised the only way this can be used is by embed method.


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You are correct - there are no current H5P plugin for Magento. In Magento is is possible to create extensions, so it would absolutely be possible to make an H5P extension fir this platform. Hopefully, sometime in the future, that will be done. In the meantime, you may use the embed option (as you already found out)

Thanks @fnoks, I will stick to embed for now.


When i used embed code, the embed option at the footer does not use to appear whever the code is embeded. 

But all of a sudde, now the bottom embed frame started showing up. 

I am using WP plugin and this is the first time i am working on word press.

Also now the full screen option seems to appear on the hotspot i created see sample link (here), i want this embed option bar not to show up wherever the content is embeded (As you can see also for timeline which shows up on the link).

You can see previously created content on this page. As you can see this does not shows full screen option (which it should) and it does not displays the embed option at the bottom (Which is correct for me). The same content is added on the previous link but it shows both of this stuff.

Any help is appriciated.



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There is a known bug which makes the fullscreen button and action bar invisible in embed (for Image Hotspots). This will be fixed in the upcoming release.

So actually, you would like two new features:

  1. Disable fullscreen
  2. Disable the action bar below the H5P when embedding

I think both of these features would be an improvement for H5P. For 1) this is currently only possible using CSS. For 2), you could disable the "Display action bar and frame", which is available when editing an H5P:

This will make it disappear also in the WordPress site hosting the H5P.


I have an ecommerce store and it is operational in the USA region only. I wanted to use it in my online store. I searched for a plugin to do almost everywhere. But, I couldn't fine any plugin for this either in Magento market place or anywhere else. I even talked to my managed magento hosting provider but even they couldn't come up with a reliable option. I have tasked my developers to figure out a way to use it with the store. I hope they will be able to do it soon.

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Hi Christina,

I'm afriad there is no plugin for Magneto. However checking at Magneto's site, it supports Deep Linking. Having said this H5P.com should work with Magneto.


I also wanted to add this to my online store but couldn't; I contacted my Magento Hosting Provider, and they resolved my issue with an alternative. I think you should contact your host to get rid of this problem.