File Upload Error: The file you are trying to upload might be too large.


I can't upload any videos for make a interactive video, even the 10mo ones. Futhermore, I still reciving the same error alert.

Could you please help me?



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You're on right? We have limited the upload limit to 16 MB. You could upload your video to YouTube or some other hosting provider like VimeoPro and embed it from there. is mainly intended for people to try out H5P, we're now hosting way too much video for free and can't keep upgrading our servers to handle all these videos for free... :/

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How can I upload large MP4 files to my own server? My h5p is installed on Moodle. 

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Hi Nellie,

Theoretically if you are using Moodle you can upload an unlimited size of files. The only restrictions would be the settings in Moodle as well as your hosts settings. This documentation should shed light on how to make the changes in Moodle. You can also contact your hosting provider for assistance in adjusting upload size.


Is there now a 125mb limit on uploads, even on self hosted platforms?