Moodle plugin 1.14 is the latest but I need 1.19

I'm currently trying to install the Course Presentation library into my Moodle (3.3).

I have followed the guidance so far:

  1. Download the example of the course
  2. Create an H5P activity in Moodle
  3. Click on Upload
  4. Find the example file
  5. Upload it

But then I get an error message (attached as PNG) that says that it can't be uploaded because I am on version 1.14 of the Moodle Plugin and the library needs 1.19.

The problem I have found is that I can't find the 1.19 version of the Moodle plugin.

The latest one on Moodle's plugins is 1.14

The latest version on GitHub is 1.14 (Released Nov 30 2018)

Is there a 1.19 version of the Moodle plugin? Is there an alternative way of getting the course presentation library that works with version 1.14

Moodle plugin version can't find 1.19
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Hi FatherBloopy!

H5P is asking for version 1.19 of its core, not for version 1.19 of the moodle plugin. Please see this post for details.


I think I finally understand. 

It's confusing with the error message making reference to upgrading to 1.19 when the actual plugin version I need to upgrade to is 1.14. 

It's even more confusing when the H5P version I have in my Moodle is listed as version 1.7

I worked it out from the build numbers. I have build number 2018012200 on my Moodle and the latest one is 2018113000

So thank you to Otacke, you pointed me in the right direction with that older forum post.

I have uploaded a couple of images that show where I found the build numbers in case anyone else stumbles across this post with a similar problem.

I think I understand now.

What's confused me is that the error message says to upgrade to version 1.19 when a more useful error message would say upgrade Moodle Plugin version to 1.14.

What helped me understand was looking at the build numbers of my version on Moodle (2018012200) and the build number on the Moodle plugins page (2018113000)

It got really confusing that the H5P version listed on my Moodle is 1.7.

I have included some pictures with this post in case someone else stumbles across it in the same sort of confusion.  They show where I got the build numbers from.

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Hi FatherBloopy,

I'm glad this is working now and thank you for the screenshots.


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Hi FatherBloopy!

I am glad you figured it out. There's not only an H5P plugin for moodle, but also for other systems such as WordPress, drupal, etc. and the easy solution back when H5P was created was to simply name the required core version. Feel free to add a feature request stating that there should be something like a lookup-table for all the plugins and the core versions or some other mechanism that would allow to name the required plugin version instead of the core version. However, this might require some other changes as well.