HostSpot transparent image and style content

Hi Im new and I try to use Hotspot to display information, video, image an text in a world map.

1. My background image is a map in a png file, but when I load it the H5P places the image with a white background and I want it to remain transparent (png).
2. How can I modify the fonts or typographies of the texts and titles?
3. How can I modify font styles such as color?
4. Can I put a background color in my popup content window?
5. How can I add buttons (social networks) with link to a new tab?
6. How can I add images to popup content?

7. Can I use a different text editor? Divi maybe?


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Hi asdrugan,

These are all not possible with the current features of the content. But it is possible to use a PHP hook, to add your own CSS-file to the content type and this should be applicable to items 2-4 and 6. Please visit the Visual Changes page for more details.

For the other items there needs to be some changes to code and you can read more about it here.