App with H5P-Ability in betatest

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After one year of development we are in beta-test of our new app "Edu-CAP" (CAP=Content Access Portable) with a lot of features that may be interesting for all H5P-Users:

* Most important: totally free of charge, no in-app-purchases etc. 
* Second: You need no account! (we developed it for the german states and as an authorised user you get all the licenced content for your school but you do not need an account at all and can work totally anonymous)
* Available for Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android (including chromebooks) and in near feature Apple-TV
* Multi-language-support

You can upload and play any H5P-content. Offline! 

You can share your content with anyone else in your local network. Again offline, you need no internet-access to do so.

You can enrich PDFs with overlays including video, audio and - H5P! We need this especially for german textbook publishers, but this feature is also free for anyone. So you can enhance your old books/scripts/literature/worksheets with interactions and multimedia content.

If anyone is interested in a preview, just contact me. Here or by [email protected]

(Many of you may laugh about the need to play H5P offline - but the reality in Germany is that most schools not even have a 50 MBit/s-connection. So it is crucial that the teachers can be sure that they can teach even if the internet is not available. And by this it is possible even for iPad-classes to be teached offline)


I am pretty much excited to preview Edu-CAP app in android. How I can preview this app?

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Hi AshishBijlwan,

Please contact the developer through his e-mail above.


Hi Ingo, this is awesome.  Keep up the good work. Would like to be involved. Noel

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Hello Ingo , nice work keep it up,can i get a preview of this application .


I wouldn´t laugh about the offline option, quite the opposite. In Guatemala most of the Schools don´t have internet. So, this is an amazing tool for all the teachers that really are interested in explore differentes ways to teach.