Moodle: requirements for sending scores in the gradebook

moodle 3.5 / h5p-plugin 1.9

Hi h5p-Team,

We have created a lot of great content with h5p in Moodle. Now we have the problem that not all grades are saved in the moodle gradebook.

I have already found some answers here in the forum. But I want to make sure that we know all the requirements and restrictions so that we can store the maximum amount of information.

That's what I know about it:

The following H5P content types are currently supporting xAPI:

  • Interactive Video
  • Course Presentation
  • Drag and Drop
  • Drag The Words
  • Fill in the blanks
  • Find the hotspot
  • Mark the words
  • Multiple Choice
  • Single Choice Set
  • Summary
  • Quiz (Question Set)
  • Memory Game
  • Essay
  • Image Pairing


triggers for sending scores in the gradebook:

  • For Course Prasentation the user needs to get to the summary slide 
  • while for Interative Video the submit button needs to be clicked or in cases where the submit screen is not present the video needs to finish.
  • in other Content types the student must click the "check"-Button 


Are there any other restrictions for the other Content types?


Thanks in advance, 



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Hi UX4U,

Just to add to the list:

Column - All content types that supports xAPI needs to be triggered before the score is sent

Interactive Video - Submit button is a must. The trigger for sending the score once the video is finished has been removed.

Quiz (Question Set) - The user needs to get to the summary screen


Do you mean the check button in the integrated interactions? What if no interactions are embedded? I have not found another option to submit the grad. Is it a new option? Is it available in version 1.9?

best regards,


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Hi UX4U,

Sorry for the confusion I meant submit screen and clicking on the submit button. For cases were there are no interactions the content will not send any grades since there won't be any xAPI statements created.


I'm using Moodle 3.9 where h5p is now in core. I'm not seeing any "Submit" button. How do I enable it?

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Hi martinmeadows,

Which content type are using? If the issue is for all content types I suggest that you post a similar question in Moodle's H5P forum.



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Hi UX4U!

Dictation and Agamotto also use xAPI statements, although the latter not for scoring because it doesn't make sense there.


Thanks for the quick responses. They are very helpful!

I have students who have watched the H5P interactive video all the way through and submitted their answers and yet I am still not seeing their scores in the Grade book. Here are a few a screen shots that demonstrate what I am seeing. The first screenshot is of the gradebook view the 12th student down has watched the video and submitted their answer and as you can see there is no grade. The other grades that you see in this screenshot were manually entered by me that is why they are highlighted in tan. The second screen shot is the log for that video the last student on that list submitted it the video but it did not show up. The last screen shot is the H5P results window for that student showing all of the questions have been answered and graded. Thank you for your help.