Interactive Video (video format no supported) on

I have this video

And put it into a h5p interactive video:

What is the problem? From the source?

Would I have to tell that video host to do something?

Thanx for your advice!



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Hi Sarah,

Accessibility is very important for H5P, and in order to allow subtitles for external videos we're currently requiring that the servers they are hosted on has an Access-Control-Allow-Origin header set that allow / or whatever site you're using access to the video in a cross origin resource sharing manner. We see that many servers used by community members unfortunately does not have this set, and that they are not controlled by the community member either, so we're considering a solution where you can decide to allow such servers, sacrificing accessibility.(i.e. sacrificing subtitles support to use these servers).


The video hosting provider does not have CORS setup which is the reason why it is showing video not supported. Please contact them and ask them to configure this in their system.


Thank you very much for your clear response! and the additional info.