Using H5p for Lead generation

Hi there, 

Firstly I would like to thank the entire H5p community for creating this wonderful tool that's helped so many.

I've been using H5p for about 2 years now on our Moodle LMS for our existing customers.

Lately I've introduced it to our WP website as well, so potential clients can see what to expect in our LMS.

Yet now I'm researching for weeks trying to find the simplest and cleanest solution as to how to use H5p for Lead generation campaigns as well. You see, I run a language school and our potential users like to go trough a questionnaire or quiz to check their knowledge before enrollment. I would like to give them this quizzes in H5p, to provide an entertaining user experience. I can of course achieve that in WP easily. But I would also like to use this content for generating leads / prospects. 

Say for example a user goes to our website, finds the quiz and takes it.

My first issue is I don't know how to present them with a different result depending on their answers. They can show either beginner or higher levels.

Second, I would like them to have, upon seeing their results, an option to provide their contact information. After submitting the forum with contact information I would like to send them a detailed report of their quiz to their email automatically.

I know this seems like quite a lot. I'm exploring using an LRS for the second part but I'm baffled as of how to achieve that. 

I thank you for your assistance in advanced and hope we come up with a solution that someone else could use as well.

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Hi nostro,

For your first question this can be achieved at least in concept once the Branching Scenario content type is comes out. This is due for release in the coming weeks.

For the second part you are on the right track in using an LRS. Although I am not sure how this could be implement so if someone in the community has a similar setup feel free to post your suggestions.


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Hi nostro!

It shouldn't be a huge effort to write an extra WordPress plugin that could do the job - or at least the frame for it. If someone wants to give it a shot:

On loading a post, collect the 'answered' xAPI statements of all the H5P contents that use xAPI within the post. When all 'answered' statements have been collected, optionally display the results and offer a form to send the results via email (keep the GDPR and potential spam threats in mind here).

And if someone has completed and released this, he/she will receive lots of feature requests ;-) "Can I add my custom style to the results?" "Can I attach the results as a PDF file/MS Word file/LibreOffice file/... with custom styling?" "Can I select which result should be registered (keep first, use last)", "Can I track the email addresses?", "Can I customize the email text?", "Can I customize the form appearance before all tasks are completed? (hidden, message, lock image)", ...




thanks both for your answers.
I'm looking forward to the branching scenario, looks like exactly what I have in mind for displaying users grades, depending on their results.

About the WP plugin that Oliver suggested: I would have to study xAPI statements, but I see what you're aiming at. Unfortunately I'm not experienced enough (yet) to do this. Should you find the time to provide some more specific instructions I could maybe start it out, give it a try. I expect there should be quite a lot of interest for this, since there are numerous WP quiz plugins, but none as user friendly as H5P.

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Hi nostro!

Basically, what you're looking for would be similar to my plugin H5PxAPIkatchu (, but instead of storing data in the database you'd have to present a form and send the results. The source code can be found on github at

I could imagine creating that plugin, but as I described, I really fear all the feature requests pouring in :-) Maybe on a bounty-per-feature basis or something ...



Hi Oliver,

congrats on building this, I already tested this plugin and I'm thinking of maybe using the following setup:

  • WP + H5P plugin for content delivery
  • Your plugin to catch and store everything in the database
  • Then build a custom plugin to fetch from database and print results or send them by email if user requests

I would probably need to log the user session together with the results in the database, so as to know what data needs to be sent.

So I guess I could fork your repo and work from there?

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Hi nostro!

Sure! I licensed the plugin under the MIT license, so you're completely free to either enhance the existing plugin and release your own version or to create another one that can be used in addition. Of course, I could also accept pull requests, but I want to keep the feature set focused on just collecting the data and having an export option for further analysis.