Content type modifications


Hi I'm looking at modifying an existing content type and wondering about the best practice for doing so. If I update patch or minor version the new package overwrites the old and breaks my original content (as the new package is WIP). 

It seems to me I need to change the name and all references to the H5P.contentType folder/ name to keep my original content intact. Is this correct or are there better ways of making modifications without risking breaking the original uploaded package?

Thanks Jorgen

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Hi Jorgen,

I'm not sure how the other members of the community are doing it. I however have 2 instances of Drupal 7 one is for testing using the current version of H5P and the other is some sort of a playground that uses H5Ps Dev environment. My coding skills are novice at best so this for me is safest way, one so when I update the libraries I do not overwrite the changes I'm doing and two so that if I make a major mistake it will not affect the "real" H5P files.

It is also a good practice to create pull requests once the changes are finished so that it can be included in the official version of H5P.

I hope this helps and if anyone in the community has other inputs fell free to post your comments.


Hi and thanks for the reply!

A test site makes a lot of sense, got one running now :D