h5p libraries on Drupal 7 and s3 file system module


When Drupal 7 "Amazon S3 file system" -module is enabled and settings:  "Use S3 for public:// files" is enabled.

And then trying to upload any example h5p pagage:

"The file you uploaded is not a valid HTML5 Package (It does not have the .h5p file extension)"

Also Drupal status report -page says: The h5p module's package directory /h5p is missing.

After uninstalling s3 file system h5p module seems to work. 
Also when replicating same files to S3 bucket it does not help. So I don't know can this module work from S3 and where the fix should be done?


S3 file system module:


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Thanks for reporting! We've create an issue for this in our internal case-tracker. We will update this forum post when we've done something with the issue. It will take atleast a month unless others steps up and provides a patch or funding.

Hi all,

I am just wondering if there was any development? And if H5P can use S3 file system now?

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Hi Matt,

There are still things in the core of H5P which conflicts with having S3 as the file storage for H5P. Hopefully, that will be fixed, but I don't have any ETA for you.




Maybe there could be some other solution than S3 for saving H5P to external location from the application server? 
What about Apache proxy? Is there a known paths which could be used as proxy paths?

I had to give up with this same issue 2014 and again I have a need to use multiple application servers with H5P but looks like it can only save content to a localhost or maybe I am wrong.




Hi, we just discovered the same issue.This seems like a fairly important bug to chase down because of the growing prevalance of S3. Would be glad to help with the effort if we can.

Mason Fuller

We have been developing an educational service for one of our clients using Opigno 1.0 and the h5p modules within that. Everything works well as we are using a single server deployment. We have tried using h5p on a multi server deployment using Drupal 8 and we had the same issue as above. Has there been any progress on the issue?

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Unfortunately, this has not been requested by that many people so I'm afraid the priority has not been that high.


My understanding is that this prevents using the H5P module on a load balanced environments with multiple app servers because the files can be saved only to local folder instead of remote location like S3. Exact reason I do not know.

At least on Drupal 7 and apache I havent been able to get this work.

 EDIT: My workaround for this now is EFS, it just works.



Hi everyone, I just wanted to pop in and add support for the resolution of this issue. 

More and more sites are becoming distributed and load-balanced when you think about doing anything at scale. I can see h5P originially being designed for small sites - that's how a lot of projects start - it's fantastic! But this file storage issue is capping its potential and isn't allowing it to scale to the needs of its users.

We run a pretty lean server setup with minimal storage space and have our file system set to store all our files in our S3 cloud. It's just a no-brainer for rapid deployment and redundancy. We want to implement H5P to better engage our students and elevate their learning experience, but the library isn't allowing us to store files where we need to. We even almost crashed our server by running out of storage capacity in testing before realizing that it wasn't following Drupal's file storage system best practices. 

I wish I had the technical chops to understand how to contribute to this issue and help get it resolved, but I simply don't. I have to leave it up to the awesome coders who solve cool problems like this.

Thank you to anyone who can take the time to help get this issue resolved. It's also being tracked in 2 tickets on the Drupal side of things:

Someone is considering working on it, but there's no resolution yet:

Not Possible, multiple attempts made at resolution:

Here's the Jira issue related to this issue: