Drag Text do not work properly on mobile phones


The drag text library does not work properly on mobile phones. As the screen size decreased the missing words move to the end of the page. And then you have to drag them to the upper places of th page. However, this does not work. The words cannot be dragged and the page cannot be moved upwards to reach the correct box in the text. 


I see exactly what you mean. A client of mine has reported the same problem to me. I look forward to the solution too ;-)


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Thanks for the heads up. Drag Text indeed works poorly when they overflow screen height.

We are working on accessibility for H5P packages currently in which I believe we will implement keyboard support for Drag Text. I am sure we can implement functionality for selecting a drag text, then scrolling, and dropping it a given dropzone by selecting it. I will create an issue for this in our backlog.

Thanks again, have a nice day,

- Thomas


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What is the status on this issue?

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Hi tormartinkarlsen,

I filed a similar bug report but I can't seem to find the original report that Thomas created. This could be an older system that they are using.