H5P and exam creation

Hi. I have a blog and I would like to create exams. These should have audio, video and input functionalities, so I think H5P is perfect for it. However, in my blog (Wordpress) I would like to have a continuous, linear exam. I want the students to complete an exam in one go. An exam is divided into reading skills, audio skills, grammar and vocabulary, and writing skills (however, in this skill the students do not submit a text). I can't just figure it out how to do this with H5P in a normal blog. I have some 50 exams and it will be bulky so I don't want users to feel overwhelmed with too many entries and pages.

So, an expert who can advise me how to do this, please? Thanks for all your help.


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Hi elegram,

I suggest using Branching Scenario for this. It will let you use multiple Course Presentations and which will allow you to have all those functionalities you mentioned above. It will help make the quiz compact but will have all your questions without overwhelming the users with the questions.

I created a simple and crude sample here on how I envision the test would look like. I've set it as a linear test but you can make it more flexible.


Thanks. Can i use true or false, drag and drop, fill in the gap, etc. type of questions in it? 

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Hi Elegram,

Whatever comes with the standalone Course presentation will also be available the in the Course Presentation that is embeded in Branching Scenario.