Maths format in Image Hotspots

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Hi All,

Since the intro of support for Latex/Mathjax in November I have been busy rebuilding a lot of my H5P content to reflect the better format.

However, I've been unable to use it in the text popups of Image Hotspots.

I've done all the obvious - updated plugins, content types, libraries and rebuilt al caches to no effect.

Does this content type just not support it? The release notes back in November would indicate that maths format could be used anywhere that used a textbox.



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Ahh! Update.

It does work - but very erratically and (when it works) very slowly.

I'm thinking that this is to do with paging the Mathjax server from a pop-up that is embedded within a wrapper (H5P activity) that is embedded in a page.

OK No worries, I'll find another way. 

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Hi SparTacuS,

Would you mind sharing a test content so that we can check. This might lead to a more serious problem down the line and it would be best that the core team knows the extent of it this early.


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Yes, no problem. I'll have to knock one up as I recreated my activity another way. Gimme a day or two.

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Hi -BV52

Here is a link to the activity I was working on. I cannot give you access to the activity on our VLE so this is on the WP site I use to create/serve the H5P content.

I have also attached the H5P file.

All of the hotspots HAVE worked - but not reliably.



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Hi SparTacuS,

Thank you this helps a lot. I filed a bug report here.