Moodle Gradebook reporting failure

Hi all,

We’ve integrated H5P into our Moodle (version 3.4) installation.  We’re using the latest plugin version of H5P.

We THOUGHT that things had improved with its Moodle gradebook integration.  Some of my own tests with Interactive Video—in standalone form—worked fine and it reported granular results (i.e., purposely providing some incorrect answers on the IV to test if we got, for instance 3 out of 5).  All seemed well.

However, when we began creating more complex, nested H5P materials, were we used the Column app to display images, standalone quizzes, and IV’s or other apps all in the Column stack, grades do NOT report to the gradebook, at all.  We’ve tried all previously suggested workaround seen on this forum, such as ensuring to display the Summary pages, the Submit answers buttons, and made sure to view all IV’s were watched to their last second.  The upshot is that now, even though we’ve created very robust and engaging material—which truly does LOOK great in such combinations; and worse, have been extolling H5P’s virtues to our faculty so that it becomes widely used here, NONE of those complex creations report to the gradebook.  

Has anyone else encountered this, and if so, did anyone find a workaround to get Column stacks to report grades correctly.  If there is no workaround—other than breaking up all this material into constituent apps, which defeats some of H5P’s benefits—is aware of this problem and will there be a fix in the near future?  We were very enthusiastic adopters of H5P, but not being able to integrate with the gradebook is a show-stopper.  Any workable fix suggestions would be appreciated

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Hi ormjr,

I am unable to reproduce the issue using using the sample contents and my own content. Would you mind providing a content that is having the issue so that we can test it?


Hi BV52,

Thanks for responding.   I'll try to find something that I can share from our courses.

In the meantime, try this:

Grab a container app like the Column (consider it the basket into which you'll place other content), then place a Course Presentation into it, which includes a quiz or two.  Then to the same Column, add another quiz-capable app, like a an Interactive Video, which should also contain a quiz question or two (or more).  Then give the overall Column activity a grade value and--assuming you have access to a Moodle installation--have the grade go to the gradebook.  

In our experience, a scenario as outlined above will NOT report a grade to the gradebook, at all. In the little scenario, quizzes are in the CP and in the IV, with each being tabulated and summed by separate Summary pages.  I have a suspicion, not confirmed, that this is the common denominator that throws out the error is either: (a) more than one value Summary page, or (b) more than one source of summarizable point values (i.e., from the CP and the IV).  The fact that there are more than one source of values, somehow "jam" the overall project's ability to parse/ tabulate the various quiz value sources coming from the CP and the IV, such that the project just doesn't know how to sum up all the grade value sources into a single grade that's reported to the Moodle gradebook.

Our projects are similar to the scenario I've outlined, but with even more content.  The good news is that to the learners/users, all this content present properly, the quizzes (i.e., assessments) all prompt the users correctly and everything seems to work fine, from the learner's viewpoint.  The projects, however, just don't report a grade.  We've found a workaround by separating out the content that is meant to assess, into separate companions for the main learning content.  But that is a kludgy workaround and wastes more time/creates extra work for anyone that is really trying to come up with truly robust H5P projects.

As I said, BV52, I'll see what I can submit as a real example, but something similar to the scenario above is what chokes H5P's ability to report its grade.

Thanks for the effort,




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Hi ormjr,

Thank for the additional information. I'll try again using the instructions/scenario above and see if I can reproduce the issue. I'll post here my findings.


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Hi ormjr,

I created a test content following the outline you mentioned above and scores are being sent to the gradebook. I have attached the sample content so you can try it for yourself. I was also thinking that the triggers for sending scores in the gradebook for CP and IV are not being met. For CP the user needs to get to the summary slide while for IV the submit button needs to be clicked or in cases where the submit screen is not present the video needs to finish.


Thanks for the continued testing, BV52.  We'll review your attachment to see what may be different from our implementation.

As an aside, we were getting to the summary slides in our CPs and making sure to finish the videos to the last second, etc in our testing.  However, it's possible that we didn't do something correctly along the way, if our results differ from yours.  Our versions of this project outline include many more content types within the Column and more than one CP and IV quiz instances.  I'll continue to test our versions to see if I can narrow down the sticking point.  

As always, thanks for your prompt review of our issue.


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You are welcome ORMJR. I'll also continue to add more activities to the column and maybe break it at some point ;-)


We have created quizzes in columns for Moodle.

The user needs to get a grade to get activity completion - but all attempts are coming up empty. The thing about this though, is that its random. Some users will get no grade - while others will?? Have logged in and tested several times against different users. There seems to be a condition affecting how grades get recorded using columns.

The issue is that we now have hundreds of users in the course, with many not able to complete quizzes in columns. Example H5P attached.

This could be between different between Moodle and H5P versions, 

The version of Moodle 3.2.5 (Build: 20170911) and the H5P version is 1.7 2018012203


We have Moodle 3.3 with the latest H5P plugin - including updated content types (that's important!)

If I complete the Column tasks using my normal role (teacher or manager) the grades don't go through. If I change my role to Student and complete it, they still don't go through. If I log in as a student enrolled in the course and complete it, the grades DO go through! I can even view the report of which answers the student gave.

So it may be a question of which role you are using to complete the tasks. OR it may be a question of ensuring you have installed the latest version of the Column content type (needs to be done by a Moodle user who can access the Plugin admin menu).

Even then you may be using an activity that was created using an old version. You can still upgrade this using the plugin admin menu.

After much digging and searching - we have found the reason - and there are two ways to not get activity completion based on a grade:

1.) If the item has ALREADY received a grade and you update course completion - then CRON needs to run to put the grade back OR the student needs to re-do with a different grade result.

Answering the quiz again with the same grade result does not trigger completion. If grades match- the task does not run. Moodle Cron will resolve this.

2) In the columns (or perhaps quiz items in general) If the user completes half - then comes back and finishes - no grade is saved. The user has to go back and click "Check" for everything all over again on reattempts. This is catching users out coming back to course material.

3) This has to be a bug... Option 2 above can never be done for the Single Choice question sets:

To Replicate:

Use the file attached.

Answer the top question sets (2 questions) - then reload the page. (This is to simulate students leaving and coming back to an attempt)
The top one will be "autocompleted" - it shows that result screen at the end - with 2 marks

Now answer the bottom two questions and click check for each.

Reload and check the student's grade or attempt, it appears that nothing is saved. (The XHR calls for completion are never sent from the H5P module)

So its possible for a student to have full marks in the H5P module - but not get a grade in Moodle on attempts if they have to try it again.

H5P file: 
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Hi digitalskill,

Thank you for the additional information. I was able to reproduced the issue you described and filed a bug report. You can follow the progress here.


Hi all - I believe that we are experiencing similar issues, and wanted to contribute our tests and findings in case they are helpful.

Here is a series of h5p activities testing different scenarios:

For us, the following content types did not accurately display grades (on refresh) or report grades accurately to gradebook:

Let me know if this is the same issue, or if this would be better posted as its own bug.



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Hi Doug,

Thank you for the additional information. I would assume this is a similar issue and will be resolved once fix has been released.


I tried "drag the text" activity in our development server and it works well. The grades are saved. But, when I tried to use it in our production server (with the same Moodle 3.7), the grades aren't saved. I tried to use the same activity and the grades in development server are saved, but it doesn't work that way in our production server.
Development server:

Production server:


Do you have any suggestion? Thank you so much for your help.