All the images and videos have been deleted or removed from H5P slides


This is really cracked the nuts here when I spent 3 days and night in row to create H5P slides. Now the time that I'm ready to meet the clients, all the images and the videos have been deleted or removed from my slides!! Only texts left. The H5P files are confidential and I can't share it with anyone. They are all belong to my clients. Can anyone help me what to do here with this issue?

More info that you perhaps need:

Website: Wordpress latest version 

Plugin: H5P plugin v1.13.1

Feature: Course Presentation and Question Sets

Work on: Desktop

Browser: Google Chrome


I'll be very appreciated if I get an answer right away.

Thank you very much!

Course Presentation Question Sets


I just figured it out how to retrive the slides' background. But still the images are like broken and doesn't show. When I check their URL, it says error 404.

Hopefully from H5P team reply to me ASAP!

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Hi omarismail,

Sorry for the late response. Would you mind checking if you have any errors in the browser console? 



Thanks for the reply! I'm really losing my mind here. The work of 2 weeks are all gone. I re upload the images 3 time and the next day ther are all deleted. I check with HostGator Live Chat and said the server/cPanel is working fine. 

Is it because I created 20 slides sets and still creating more? Is it something else? 

I'm attaching for you a screenshot of the errors I have.

Please I hope you reply me and help me with this asap.

Thanks a lot!




So... is your service like taking 7 working days to reply?

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Hi omarismail,

I've escalated your issue to the core team. The forum is community driven and I hope that we also get input from members that may have experienced a similar issue.


Thanks a lot! Sorry to push a little bit to get an answer because I got very frustrated after 3 weeks 8 hours a day and suddenlly got this issue . I will wait for the support team.


Any news from the core team? Again, all the images have been deleted after I worked 9 hours a day for the past 2 weeks.

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Hi omarismail!

Just curious as a bystander: Are you expecting free support instantly on top of getting the software for free?



Hi Oliver!

No! But I'm expecting from your free question and comment to solve my problem.

Thank you for passing by!

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Could you reveal more of the URL for the missing files? (not the domain but it would help to know if it's h5p/content/123/images or h5p/editor/images )


Here's the attached screenshot file for what you ask for, hopefully!

Also, I attached an .h5p file, it was a test to check why all the images have been deleted. In this file, a small image and the background image have been removed or deleted.

Thanks for the help, I'm really losing my head here!


H5P file: 
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Thank you for sharing. How does it look if you check the wp-content/uploads/h5p/content/49 in the filesystem, are the files missing there as well?
I suspect you might have installed a plugin that is scanning through the uploaded files when Cron runs and for some reason removes them. 
There is a cleanup feature in the H5P plugin but it only removes old files from wp-content/uploads/h5p/editor i.e. files for content that was never saved. I don't think your issue is related to this since the files are visible after you've saved your content.
There is most likely some software or plugin "cleaning up" your content files for some reason.

Hi, thanks for your reply and sorry if I took a long time to response. I removed the daily cleanup of H5P and others through cron plugin and since the time of your post until now, all the videos and images are still there and did not remove at all. Let's hope it stays like this and the issue is solved at the moment. Any changes, I will update here again.

Thanks again!

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Hi omarismail,

I'm glad this is working now and I sure hope it doesn't reoccur :-)