H5P developpers to the next French Moodle meeting please !



There is a big discussion in the french Moodle community about the H5P-Moodle integration :

It would be great fot  the Moodle community to discuss directly with an H5P developper.
Would it be possible for someone in the H5P team to participate the next French MoodleMOOT Meeting in France ?
It is planned on 3-5 july : https://rennes-2019.moodlemoot.fr/

It would be possible to organize a discussion about H5P-Moodle integration potentials and weakness ...
If needed, it would be  possible to animate the discussion in English.

With great thanks for this powerful interactivity library,



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Hi Zabelle,

Thank you for reaching out. If Google translate serves it seems the discussion thread in French started out with some misunderstandings in the first comments, but they were luckily clarified by community members further down in the thread. Some of the "critisism" is also correct, namely that the H5P code is different from the rest of the Moodle code. The H5P library is written for Drupal, WordPress, Moodle and many other PHP frameworks so the generic code used in all framework integrations does not follow Moodle styles.

Regarding the conference, we typically only participate digitally. In a few occasions we travel to conferences and present physically when the host covers all our costs, including the time we spend on it. Our main focus is on developing H5P - empowering everyone to create, share and reuse interactive content.

Thanks for answer !
I let MoodleMOOT organizers informed about the possibility for you to participate digitally.
Wathever happens, I propose to make you a summary of the feedback of the french Moodle community on the H5P Moodle plugin.
Are there H5P meetings planned  ? This could also be great to meet other H5P users ;-)

With congratulations for this fantastic javascript library ;-*





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Hi again Zabelle,

Thank you for that. We do have a new H5P Conference planned. It will be anounced soon ;)