Broken / incorrect encoding in new Estonian translations

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my Weblate installation has found errors in the newly uploaded Estonian translations of several libraries. (See attachments) This seems to be due to some incorrect encoding of these files. I've opened the affected files in Visual Studio Code and I also get encoding errors (question mark placeholders) for these characters. (see attachments) I suspect that the files are not encoded in UTF-8 but are regarded as such? All other language files have worked with Weblate without any problems so far, so I think the new Estonian ones are faulty.

I think I can convert the files to UTF-8 and create pull requests for this. Should I go ahead and do this or are the files fine and my tools are misconfigured?

The affected libraries are:

  • h5p-blanks
  • h5p-audio
  • h5p-appear-in
  • h5p-accordion


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It looks like you're correct. There's another charset used inside the UTF-8 file. 
If you could convert them that would be of great help.

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I've submitted a PR for h5p-blanks. The rest has already been fixed by other pull requests.

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Hi serettig,

Thank you for your contribution.