Adding Hotspot to Course Presentation?

Any chance hotspots will be added to the course presentation as an option in the coming future?

The anchor tool kinda of does this .. Already ..

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We might add a hotspot questiontype to the coursepresentation in the future. We have a sponsor for 50 % of the job, we're looking for a sponsor for the other half. Please contact us if your interested in sponsoring this.

I have also wished hotspot could be added to course presentation!

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Since texts, images, videos and all the other content types can be added on top of an image as buttons we find that it might be confusing to add support for Image Hotspot in coursepresentation, so this isn't high up on the list of priorities, but we will consider patches for this, and if a lot more ppl asks for this the priority goes up. Could you please explain why you want this feature?

Is it possible to change the button symbol from "?" to an arrow or other symbols?  It would be grate to point towards a spesific detail in a image.

A highlight circle would do too.


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We might add a feature where you can choose icon in the future. I don't know if an arrow would work as the default icon but I can see that it often will work very well. Also note that it is relatively easy to change this with css.