360 Tour Image Pan Problems

Hi all,

Love the potential of this new tool!

When I take a 360 still image with our Insta 360 One X I can't seem to scroll through 360 and keep a horizontal horizon when it's in H5P. I go up to the ceiling and down to the floor. It's very hard to control and set the view exactly where I want it. It's like the horizon line of the image is not parralel to the real horizon. I'm not sure if its a camera or h%P issue. I set the camera up on a tripod to try and get it as level as possible using the spirt levels in the tripod.



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Hiya all,

Fixed! Counterintuitavly, the problem occurs in the camera when you have Horizontal Correction on. Switching this off solves it.



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Hi Nige,

I'm glad you found the fix and thank you for getting back to us with your solution.