Adding Rubric content type to official H5P hub


A rather simple content type that allows creating reusable rubrics that allows user to select the levels ans provide evidence. The results are then being downloaded as a CSV file to a local machine and later on sent to the teacher that provided the rubtric in the first place. The teacher does not necessarily have to be the original creator of the content as it does not store that information and would be handled externally (by the respondent).

A couple of screenshots are attached (Drupal is using a non-default Bootstrap theme + a subtheme). Custom styling is kept at minimum and default h5p components and libraries as used where it made sense. The .h5p file could be found attached to the tagged releases on the GitHub. The package as created with h5p terminal utility.

The library requires a few extra JS libraries that are being incted into the header of the current page and loaded from CDN. If there is a better proposed solution, then that could be beneficial for the implementation. Creating standalone libraries for that seemed like the most organic solution, yet keeping those up to date would require an additional efferot and swapping the version numbers within the URLs seemed like an easier and quicker approach. That does load the libraries into the global (depends on the use case) scope as the content type uses the default 'div' mode and not a dedicated IFRAME. Though that should probably not be a big issue.

The code could be found here (both main library and editor component):

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Hi pjotr.savitski,

Thank you for your contribution. I've created a task for review by the core team