Invalid library - message when trying to create new content

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In debug mode I see "Invalid library"

Here is screencast all library is installed. I switch off all plugins.

I update all plugin file through h5p.

The problem is still and happen only when I activate Use H5P Hub.



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Hi Krzysztof,

  1. Any browser console errors
  2. Any PHP errors


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Thank you for your time, please find browser console errors

Uncaught TypeError: H5P.HubClient is not a constructor

    at new ns.SelectorHub (h5peditor-selector-hub.js?ver=1.13.1:42)

    at new ns.LibrarySelector (h5peditor-library-selector.js?ver=1.13.1:42)

    at Object.<anonymous> (h5peditor-editor.js?ver=1.13.1:159)

    at c (VM286 jquery.js:2)

    at Object.fireWith [as resolveWith] (VM286 jquery.js:2)

    at k (VM286 jquery.js:4)

    at XMLHttpRequest.r

here is screenshoot