The legal situation of embedding Youtube-Videos as Interactive Videos?

Dear Community,

I'm working as university teacher in Germany and I create learning courses with H5P inside the Moodle-Environment.

In these courses I'd like to use Youtube-videos in the Columns-format with the tool 'Interactive Video'. The videos are not my own and not all of them are under the CC-license. My questions are:

1. If I embed these youtube-videos, does that count as 'linking' them and is therefore legally o.k.?

2. If I embed them by the interactive-video format, is that still just a link (even though questions ared included) and legally without consequence?

Thank you for your thoughts/help in this matter!

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Hi Christian!

Disclaimer: I am not a legal counselor.

1) My short answer is: Yes, it's 99 % fine. Long answer: Check out episode 50 of "Rechtsbelehrung" (as of 32:00) or the decision of the European Court of Justice.

2) From a technical point of view you are not altering the original source, but some argue that legally it's a new composition, because the viewer cannot distinguish the different layers. So, that's an open question that probably only a lawyer can answer for sure.