Viewing H5p into HTML


Hello I'm trying to implement H5P into my website and I'm having a bit of a difficulty following the instructions of the Platform Integration Development guide. Specifically I'm having problems viewing the H5P content. Now correct me if I'm wrong but I believe all that's needed in viewing is loading the h5p-library (got it from ) and using javascript for the H5PIntegration. I saved an example content I made in the h5p site (a simple fill in the blanks example) and tried viewing it in html but to no success. I uploaded my file in this post . From what I understand I don't load the correct libraries or something. Can you guys help me find what's missing? (examples of how it should be are welcomed)



Edit : solved it. For anyone wondering there were 2 mistakes in my code :

1) window.H5PIntegration.contents['0'] = {} should be like this : window.H5PIntegration.contents ={  'cid-0': {.......}}

2) I didn't include the js files needed to view the content. For my specific example I should include every js file described in the preloadedDependencies libraries(h5p.blanks,fontawesome,h5p.question, h5p.joubelUI, h5p.textutilities, h5p.editor.rangelist )

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Hi Dimitris,

I'm glad you got it working and thank you for sharing this to the community.


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Hello Dmitris , i am doing my intern project on h5p integration but have not succeded yet it would be great help if you provide me your source code .so i can understand where am i stucking.thank you very much , have a nice day.

Happy to help. Keep in mind my code has some unsolved issues that I haven't fixed yet. (The code is in txt format since the site doesn't let me upload php files so just rename it.)

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I willl update you once i try the code.have a nice day.

Hello, I see that years have passed, I am trying to implement the code shared by you for my university project, however I am not successful, I have already completed all the configuration, both importing the file, extracting, installing, etc. But I can't see the activity.

Has anyone had success and can share the solution? It's already become a headache and I can't find anything online. Please.

I am use PHP + HTML.

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Well, what exactly are you trying to achieve? If you want to render H5P content via PHP, you can use H5P Standalone. If you just want to display H5P content in a page (without running an H5P integration), you can use Lumi Desktop and export H5P content into a single HTML file that contains everything needed to run the content.