Moodle - H5P - Editor Waiting for JavaScript...

Hello Community,

since updating to the latest moodle version, we found out that the H5P Plugin does not longer "work". When trying to add new interactive content we receive some JS errors (shown below) and existing H5P content is no longer displayed. Any hint is highly appreciated.

  • Moodle - 3.7+ (Build: 20190620)
  • H5P - 1.18
  • Moodle Theme Moove

As asked in other topics:

  • PHP Info logs "normal"
  • Console: comes with 3 js error lines:

SyntaxError: illegal character jquery.js:4:1350


TypeError: H5P.jQuery is not a function h5p.js:17:19

TypeError: $ is not a function editor.js:43:3

 Thank you in advance!

Three hours after the update it seems to work again, though we have no clue what have changed.

Thank you for reading.

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Hi Sensorik,

I'm glad it is working for you and in case you have further question feel free to post in the forums.