H5P Random Wheel

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H5P.RandomWheel or Wheel of Fortune is a resource to engage students in your classroom. As an author you define vocabulary, terms, dates or verb forms and leave the selection to the wheel of fortune. It depends on Winwheel.js to easily create spinning Prize Wheels on HTML5 canvas.

Currently being implemented as a "proof of concept", I wonder if there is interest in this content type.

Take a look on GitHub

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Hi foxfabi,

Thank you for your contribution. I have created a task to review your content.


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A sample using the H5P.RandomWheel can be found here.

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Hi foxfabi, the content type has been reviewed at https://h5ptechnology.atlassian.net/browse/HFP-1866. To move on in the process and get the content type released the issues mentioned must be addressed. Please reply in the issue when you've been able to handle these issues.

i tried this  Jeopardy.h5p in moodle 3.2
and it doent sent any  grade\points to the "grade book" of student
can you help me ?

thanks a lot

H5P file: 
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Hi yoram!

The answer is simple: Neither Jeopardy nor RandomWheel are supposed to send anything to the gradebook, so you're neither are you doing anything wrong nor is there a bug.


Hi I am a university teacher (VDU Lithuania). I teach russian and I need a Random wheel how to use it.