Limitations of Virtual Tour 360

I'm absolutely loving this content type.

But I've ran into some limitations that are not communicated in the tutorial guides, and wondering if these are true for all users.

Working in Chrome on a Mac / PC and using within WP 5.1.1

If so, these limitations should be made known in the tutorial for the tour.

1. Limit of only 16 360degree scenes.
After loading 16 360 scenes, any previous scenes only display a white image - it is still navigable and you can access the 'Go to Scene' or 'More Image' hot spots - but no image displayed.

Is this a limitation of image size, or simply number of images? I've experimented with smaller image dimensions and still found the same issue.

2. Viewing Images NOT in full screen, expands the image border beyond window bounds to hide the close window "X" icon, making it impossible to proceed through a tour. The only solutions I've found for this are to view in full-screen, or to adjust browser zoom level everytime I click on an image spot. 

To get around users having to do either, I've simply been putting images in as a flat scene.


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Hi dbennett,

Would mind providing a sample URL so that we can also check?


Sure thing:

Here is a tour with 39 scenes, and you'll notice only the first, and final 15 scenes are viewable.

As far as the issues with the images not being able to be displayed while windowed, you can check that happening in the example tour given on the main 360 tour page.

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Hi all!

I assume it's the memory management issue that was fixed in and would be released with the next update.



Can anyone point me to optimal image proportions for 360 virtual tour background. I have a long narrow image which has been stretched to fill the frame height. Thanks