Timeline Update Bug


I am a medical doctor looking into how we can utilize h5p. I came across a bug that prevents us from using the h5p timeline content type however and hope that this issue will be addressed. I am using the latest verion of WP to date, v4.3.1 and testing this on a mamp local server.

I haven't tested out the other content types yet but the one that I did test, called "timeline" ( found here https://h5p.org/timeline ) has several issues upon editing and updating the hp5 content.

You will see two photos below.
The first photo highlights several areas of the content editor page.

The bug occurs when you do 1 of 2 things:
A. Uncheck or check any of the check box options on the right and hit update.
B. Edit and of the content such as body text, headline, etc. and hit update.

The second photo shows the results of doing so:
The timeline can no longer be dragged
The date of the current subject no longer lines up correctly
Clicking the left and right arrows moves along to the next slide but doesn't update the timeline below

Doctor John

Furthermore, I can not import the "all-h5p-libraries.h5p" file from https://h5p.org/update-all-content-types but I can however import individual ones downloaded from content type pages such as https://h5p.org/content-types-and-applications so I have overlooked that issue but it is still worth noting.

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Hi John,

What exactly happens when you try to upload the all-h5p-libraries.h5p file? Do you get any error messages? If not, it might be your server settings don't allow uploads of large files. Check this page for changing the relevant settings.

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Thank you for reporting. We've added this issue to our backlog and will update this forum post as soon as this issue has been handled.

Thanks for the feedback, I look forward to it so I can really start using this thing, it has so much potential!

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Hi John,

We have found one bug in timeline if eras are not defined. Could you please open your timeline in the editor. If there is an empty era there, please delete it, and save. Does this solve it for you?

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Hi again,

The Timeline content type content type has now been updated on h5p.org. May you please update it on your site, and let us know if you still see the same problems.

Thanks for reporting!